40, 50, 60, 64
Danbury Road
Wilton, CT 06897

50 Danbury Road

At Wilton Corporate Park

The Main entrance is on Route 7 just north of the light at Kensett Avenue and the Chase Bank.

The building can be accessed from the main entrance and the east lobby entrance. The main entrance lobby is located off the main driveway. The East lobby is at the rear of the building by the garage. The normal business hours are 8 am – 6 pm Monday through Friday and 8 am – 12 pm on Saturday.

Building Access After-Hours

50 Danbury Road utilizes a computerized building access system. At the discretion of the employer, an employee can be given access into the building after normal business hours. Employee Information Forms request information on each employee (click here or see the office manager for a form). When the completed information form is received by Building Management, your individual access card will be programmed to allow after-hours access into the building. Access cards can be used on the access keypads located next to the entry doors at the building. 

This same card can be used to access 50 Danbury Road via the east and south entrances, the fitness center and ladies locker room at 50 Danbury Road. Please note, in order to access the fitness center, you must fill out a fitness center waiver (click here or see the office manager for a form). In addition, this card is used for access into the 50/60 parking garage.

For security purpose, please do not share your access card with non-tenants.


The parking garage is for the use of the tenants of 50 and 60 Danbury Road. There is a designated visitor parking area in the front of the building. Handicapped parking spaces are available throughout the complex. Pursuant to Connecticut state law, “A Handicapped Parking Permit issued by the State of which you obtained it, must be displayed at all times” in order to park in the handicapped spaces.



There are also surface parking spaces around the buildings and dedicated visitor parking in the front of the building. Employees need to supply information about their vehicle on the Employee Information Form. Once vehicle information is supplied to Building Management, a Wilton Corporate Park parking pass will be assigned to the individual to display on the back of the vehicle’s rear view mirror. This pass identifies the employee’s vehicle. Your access card will be programmed to allow after-hours access into the parking garage.

Low-Emitting/Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Parking

Dedicated and marked priority parking is located on the lower level of the west entrance to the garage on the left side.

For a list of LEED fuel efficient and low emitting vehicles:  Download

Bicycle Racks:
These are located at the main entrance to the 50 and 60 Danbury Road parking garage.

Wilton Corporate Park

Building Services

The Building Services staff of 50 Danbury Road can be contacted through your company’s designated Office Manager who will interact with the Building Services personnel to help resolve tenant service issues. The Building Services management department utilizes a daytime dispatcher and a night time emergency services operator to receive service calls. The dispatcher takes service requests and forwards the requests to the appropriate Building Service personnel to resolve.


For after business hours emergencies: call 203-331-4770. Please be specific and denote the nature of the emergency, building address, specific location of the issue, your name and phone number. The service will contact the appropriate person on duty.


Property Management

John K. Busby is Davis Marcus Management, Inc.’s regional Senior Property Manager. John has overall responsibility for Wilton Corporate Park’s property management issues.


Tom Juliano is the Building and Operations Manager and provides supervision of all contracted service providers and all tenant related issues.

Carlos Dejesus is the Building Engineer. He is responsible for the daily operation of the building, including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning calls. Tom supervises cleaning, elevator and mechanical system maintenance, landscaping and snow removal.

When Building Services is contacted, the Building Manager or Building Engineer will be dispatched to attend to the call.

Day Porter

The day porter is on duty Monday through Friday, holidays excepted. This person complements the cleaning service by maintaining the appearance of the lobbies, elevators, restrooms, parking lots, and all common elements of the building. The day porter changes the light bulbs as necessary and responds to emergency situations, such as leaks and spillage containment.


Cleaning is performed nightly, Monday through Friday, holidays excepted. Generally the cleaning program is designed to provide you with a re-freshened environment each day. Services include vacuuming, dusting, wiping of counters, trash removal and sanitizing and restocking restrooms.


The building has a full recycling program for paper, cardboard, newspapers, magazines, etc. Recycling bins, designed to accept a mix of all acceptable material, will be positioned at each desk, as well as in certain common areas, and removed by our cleaning crew each evening.


All deliveries should come through the loading zone at the rear entrance to the building, by the garage. Please do not allow any deliveries to come through the main entry doors.


Each tenant suite is assigned a mailbox for the office’s use. The mailboxes are located on the first floor. The Wilton office of the US Postal Service delivers and picks up mail daily at the mailboxes.

FedEx Drop Box

There is a FedEx drop box on the corner of 64 Danbury Road. Latest express drop-off is 6:30PM and there is no Saturday or Sunday pickup.

ATM & Vending Machines are located across from the mail boxes are located on the first floor of the building. The fee to use the ATM is $1.50.

Loading Dock

There is loading zone located at the rear of the building by the 40 Danbury Road parking garage.

All deliveries should come through this loading zone. Trucks should back into the loading zone for unloading.


50 Danbury Road intends to minimize the exposure of building occupants, indoor surfaces and ventilation air distribution systems to Environmental Tobacco Smoke. Consistent with the LEED Core & Shell Prerequisite EQp2 and the requirements of Connecticut State Law, management advises all our tenants, visitors, employees and service providers to observe the following no-smoking policy:

Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed common areas including, but not limited to, lobbies, corridors, cafeteria, elevators, stairs and restrooms.

There are designated outdoor smoking areas at 50 Danbury Road with ashtrays and waste receptacles for smokers’ convenience.

Emergency Contacts

If an emergency situation arises at 50 Danbury Road, please follow these steps so the situation can be responded to appropriately:

In Case of Fire

Police/Fire Emergency number:   911
Wilton Fire Department:    203-834-6246

Proceed to the nearest manual fire pull station and activate the building alarm system Evacuate the building using the nearest stairwell; do not use the elevator.

In Case of Medical or Other Emergency

Police/Fire Emergency number:   911
Wilton Police Department :  203-834-6260
Wilton Ambulance:   203-834-6425
Norwalk Hospital general:   203-852-2000
Norwalk Hospital emergency:   203-852-2160
Danbury Hospital emergency:   203-797-1000
Wilton Health Department:   203-563-0174
Building Services After-Hours Emergency:   203–372-2534

Building Features


There is a Café, located at 50 Danbury Road on the first floor off the east lobby of the building with indoor dining facility and an outdoor garden seating area. It is a full service café offering hot and cold daily entrees and catering to tenant spaces.

Click here for more information about the café and for a weekly menu as well as a catering menu.


A theater-style Auditorium with all the equipment needed for sophisticated presentations, is located at 50 Danbury Road off the main lobby of the building. The Auditorium is available for use by the Tenants of 40, 50, 60, and 64 Danbury Road during the hours of 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Click here for complete information about the Auditorium, the features and equipment the facility has and reservation instructions.

Fitness Center

There is a state of the art Fitness Center with private club ambiance and locker facilities located in 50 Danbury Road on the first floor off the south lobby. The center is available for use by all employees working at 40, 50, 60, and 64 Danbury Road. The normal hours of the Fitness Center are 6:30 am to 9:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Click here for more information about the Fitness Center and to see the terms of use.

Rules and Regulations

  Rules and Regulations