40, 50, 60, 64
Danbury Road
Wilton, CT 06897

Outdoor Sports

At Wilton Corporate Park

Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis Court, and Horseshoe Pits

These areas are used at the person’s own risk. The building owner and its manager take no responsibility for personal injury.


Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis Courts are located behind 64 Danbury Road (East Side). If you drive to the courts, please park in the uppermost parking area.

Please do not block the basketball courts with your cars.

Horseshoe pits are located in the picnic area between buildings 40 and 50 Danbury Road.

Hours of Operation

Sunrise to Sunset. There are no exterior lights at the sites.


Basketball: No reservations required. First come, first served basis.

Volleyball: No reservations required. First come, first served basis.

Horseshoe Pits: No reservations required. First come, first served basis.

Tennis Court: The tennis court is available for use May – September.

The court is open Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm.

No reservations required. First come, first served basis.

Soft rubber soled shoes / sneakers are a must when using the Tennis Court. This will prevent damage to the surface area. It is also recommended that running shoes not be worn on court. They may damage the surface and cause ankle injuries.


Building management has basketballs, volleyballs, and a set of horseshoes. Nets will be in place at the basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts during the appropriate months of the year. The stakes in the horseshoe pits are set in place. Building management does not carry any equipment for the tennis courts.

Please provide your own racquets and balls.

Picnic Area

There is a dedicated area for picnics with picnic tables and a covered pavilion between buildings 40 and 50 Danbury Road. Corporate outings may be scheduled in the picnic area.

The cafe operator and our onsite preferred caterer, Sodexo, should be used for food service to this area.  Any other provider requires prior authorization from Marcus Partners and the requisite Insurance Certificates. If alcoholic beverages are served and Sodexo is not the provider, a Tenant indemnification document as well as a state of CT liquor license will have to be submitted prior to use.


The use of barbeque grills other than by Sodexo is prohibited. Sodexo provides barbeque services and the chef manager, Steve Limitone, can be contacted at 203-969-4378 or via email wilton.catering@sodexo.com


As the picnic area is an amenity for all the Tenants at the park during lunch hours, we cannot reserve the entire area for any one Tenant; however, a portion of the tables can be reserved and clustered together for an event.  If additional tables and chairs are needed for your event, Sodexo can rent them for you.  Please do your best to keep the areas utilized clean.

After Hours Use 5:00pm on – $100/hour.

Tennis Courts
Horsehoe Pits
Picnic Area

For your convenience, Wilton Corporate Park is equipped with WIFI locations. Please refer to the map below for all locations.