40, 50, 60, 64
Danbury Road
Wilton, CT 06897

Picnic Area Booking Form

At Wilton Corporate Park

for Tenants of Wilton Corporate Park

Note: Food and beverage service, table, chair and other rentals must be arranged through Sodexo.


Please contact the cafe manager, @ 203.969.4378 for catering.


Any other provider requires prior authorization and insurance. If alcoholic beverages are served and Sodexo is not the provider, a Tenant indemnification document and a State of CT liquor license will have to be submitted to Management prior to use. The use of barbecue grills other than by Sodexo is prohibited.


As the picnic area is an amenity for all the Tenants at the park during lunch hours, we cannot reserve the entire area for any one Tenant; however, a portion of the tables can be reserved and clustered together for an event.  If additional tables and chairs are needed for your event, Sodexo can rent them for you.  Please do your best to keep the areas utilized clean.


Please note, credits cards are not accepted.


Charges for After Hours Use 5:00pm: $100/hour.
If applicable, please include this form along with your remittance, payable to:


Wilton 50 Danbury Road Owner LLC
and send to:

Doug Nevins
Marcus Partners, Inc.
301 Merritt 7
Norwalk, CT 06851


We hereby request the use of the Picnic Area. In consideration for our being permitted to use the Picnic Area, the above-named company hereby releases: Wilton 50 Danbury Road LLC; Wilton 40/60, LLC; Wilton 64, LLC ; Wilton Corporate Park Assoc.; its officers, directors, agents or employees; Davis Marcus Partners Inc. and Felner Corp., from any liability whatsoever whether to our employees and guests or otherwise from any claims, damages or liabilities arising from or out of the use of the Picnic Area.