40, 50, 60, 64
Danbury Road
Wilton, CT 06897

Executive Conference Center/Dining Room
Booking Form

At Wilton Corporate Park

for Tenants of Wilton Corporate Park

Note: Food and beverage service, table, chair and other rentals must be arranged through Sodexo.

Please contact Steve Limitone, cafe manager, @ 203.979.4738 for catering.

Please do your best to ensure the Conference Room is tidy, free of obvious debris upon your departure. If you anticipate special cleaning needs due to the type of use of the executive conference room such as bringing food in, please advise us at time of booking. Landlord shall provide normal cleaning services after the Tenant’s use. Tenant shall be liable for the cost if special cleaning services is required.

Please note, credits cards are not accepted.

Please include this form along with your remittance, payable to Wilton – CIG Wilton DE LLC.

Wilton – CIG Wilton DE LLC.

c/o Marcus Partners, Inc.,

301 Merritt7,
Norwalk, CT 06851